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Monday, December 19, 2011

so much to celebrate

In celebration of the commencement of Christmas break we took a trip with my parents up to Mt. Laguna to get in to the Christmas spirit and capture some christmasy pictures for our Christmas card. I was expecting a few patches of snow and when we arrived it was a complete winter wonderland with miles and miles of perfect fresh snow. Erick and I cringed as we stood there all dressed up watching the little kids sled ride! We wanted to be out there with them soooo badly.. but we are planning a second trip and next time we will dress a little warmer and take our sleds along! 

We ended the perfect day with a delicious dinner at BJ's with erick's family in celebration of erick's NEW JOB!! That's right, he is officially an ENGINEER with a real salary and benefits and all that jazz. I can't believe it! I watched him work so hard for the last four and a half years of college and now all of that incredible work has paid off. He's amazing and deserves the absolute best which is exactly what God has provided to him through this incredible job opportunity... and what better way to celebrate than eating a PAZOOKIE!? yum.


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