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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Things that I absolutely do not need .. but want so bad!

This vintage dress form is covered in vintage script paper and age. So cool! You can find it at etsy!

Bass pocket watch. I love the intricacy of that design!

Rustic cutting board.. yes please!!

"LOVE" Mugs!

Awesome Rustic Table

Mason Jar Light

Vintage Breadbox
Burlap bird nest napkin rings at etsy... ADORABLE!

Distressed Frames

Better late then never

For the last month I have been looking forward to this spring break so much. I imagined myself wasting the days away in front of a canvas, in the kitchen inventing new recipes, behind my guitar, outside laying in the sun or working on my growing garden. But everytime I thought of something relaxing or creative I wanted to do another homework assignment, test to study for, meet to plan or practice to run popped into my head. Now 8 days into my break I have nothing to show for it. No masterpieces, no new songs, no new recipes and certainly no tan! Instead my list consists of 4 hours in a courtcase (for my business law class), a few pages of research for my paper on the drugwars in mexico, two accounting homeworks (a whopping 14 pages worth), a 25 hour work week, and the bookmark in my econ book has shifted a little further towards the last page. Although I do feel accomplished and am glad to have much of that out of the way, I am dying to do something creative. So I am officially putting down the books. Tomrrow is going to be devoted to all things fun, creative, beautiful and free! The brainstorming starts now. I can not wait!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

marley model

Hey am-bam-thank-you-ma'am.
I  was eavesdropping and heard something about an easter photoshoot.
I immediately thought, "oooh!! something to distract me from my homework!"..
So I jumped all over that, obviously. Here is what I found. Love you.

more easter props here.

marbelized easter eggs take on a vintage earthy feel!

Super cute easter egg designs by Martha Stewart!
Find directions here

 bunnnyyyy <3

so cute!! I bet richelle cold knit you one of these cuties :) 

Outdoor cuteness

wooden block signs

Thought this was sooo cute!! Has nothing to do with easter but I love the old scale and those poofy pink bloomer, adorable.

also.. nothing to do with easter, but adorable nonetheless.

vintage easter blocks? yes please.

fabric eggs

rustic basket

more bunnnieeesss

croqueted carrot. kinda fun!


And if all else fails you can't go wrong with a painted easter butt!! hahah

Oh and if you're feeling extra motivated to get in the swing of easter this site is full of "easter recipes".. who knew there was such a thing? THey have some pretty cute ideas though.. thought I'd share. yummy!!

Okay forget everything I just posted.. We found our winner! Hahhah

Thursday, March 3, 2011

To sum things up

This lady knows what's up. Now someone please bring me some chocolate!! 
These past couple weeks have been absolutely exhausting. I feel like I can not catch a break. Between working everyday and taking 6 very intense classes I do not have a moment to spare.  I am constantly needing to remind myself how thankful I should be for the opportunities to work and attend college. I just keep finding myself wondering if I have overdone it this semester.  Hopefully my schedule will loosen up a little. For now I will take it one day at a time.
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