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Friday, June 7, 2013

Be Real


Snap out of the fantasy that the world gets to choose who you get to be. Quit living your life for the approval of man. It's going to leave you broken and empty in the end. You're so confined by how others perceive you, admit it. Acceptance becomes addicting. It's like a drug, you have to quit it. Sounds like a real problem, but there is a solution. Embrace who you are and reject the pollution that invades your mind like an unwelcome guest. Telling you lies that you're inferior to the rest. Your natural beauty is not enough but you can make up for it by buying stuff. A new car, longer hair, a smaller waist will get you there. To that place your heart longs to be where you can be relieved of your misery. But the cold hard truth is that there Is no relief. You won't find it in the things you buy while you're trying to appease the rest of the world and their expectations. You'll be trapped and depressed by your own limitations. If you want true freedom and ultimate purpose I suggest you look to the man who came to serve us. He humbled himself before the rest and for us he faced a brutal death. Jesus was Rejected and hated by man. He wasn't accepted and he didn't fit in. But none of that mattered because He had a bigger purpose, to bring us true freedom although we didn't deserve this. So embrace the freedom that you've been given. Ditch the lies and your disguise. Take off your mask and open your eyes to the world as Christ intended it to be. Where people are genuine, purposeful and free. Be real.

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